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We have experience in the manufacture of special plant and equipment in the Chemical, Cable and Steel industries. Our capacity is as follows:


340mm (13-1/4”) Dia. swing, 500mm (19-1/2”) between centers.

420mm Dias. Swing, 750mm between centers, 4 axis capability,


2D & 3D design system with tool path verification and post processor to program CNC Machine tools.

Drawings can be down loaded thru DXF format.


810mm (32”) x 580mm (22-3/4”) x 610mm (24”) Full 4-Axis contouring capability.


Assorted Centre Lathes up to 840mm dia x 250l/g (remove bed gap) 640mmdia x 2500mm between centers.

Assorted Milling machines up to 1500mm (59”) x 500mm (19-1/2”) capacity.

Surface Grinding 630mm (25”) x 350mm (14”) capacity.

Mig, Tig and AC/DC Stick welding in both Ferrous and Non Ferrous Materials. Sloter 400mm stroke


Refine Engineering is committed to providing the best manufacturing solutions to meeting your needs.


Refine Engineering can provide the complete CNC machining solution, everything from sub-assembly components through to complete product.

The key capacities of our machine shop include: At Refine Engineering, all our capacity is allocated to servicing your needs. This allows us to keep lead times to a minimum, which not only benefits you but also maintains our competitive advantage.
  • Turning – Centre lathes up to 600mm swing x 3m between centres
  • Milling
  • Cylindrical Grinding – Grinders up to 500mm swing x 3m between centres
  • Surface Grinding – to 300 x 600mm
  • Wash Grinding – to 1m diameter
  • Vertical Boring – Machining up to 1.2m diameter
  • Horizontal Boring – Machines have 110mm diameter spindles with 3t capacity
  • CNC Lathes and Mill – CNC lathes up to 500mm swing x 2m between centres
  • Welding (Tig, Mig, Oxy, Arc) and Fabrication
  • Radial Drill, Slotter, 100t Press
These are our in-house capacities.  However, with our outsourcing partners our project solution capability is larger and broader


Our comprehensive workshop located in Altona is capable of performing most machining tasks in-house.

Tasks including turning, milling, vertical boring, horizontal boring, slotting, wash grinding, surface grinding, cylindrical grinding and light fabrication.Materials of manufacture include austenitic and martensitic stainless steels, precipitation hardening steels, high tensile steel, aluminium, chrome molly steels, nickel alloys, nickel irons, non ferrous alloys and polymers. With our trusted network of engineering service providers, Refine Engineering can ensure a complete project solution.
Components manufactured include most parts for pumps, compressors, turbines and gear boxes as well as sundry items for manufacturing plant.  We perform repair and reassembly of most rotating and non rotating equipment. We are often called upon to bring together diverse disciplines of engineering such as the total remanufacture of discontinued equipment.


Refine Engineering can fully manage your plant or product development project,

providing a comprehensive turnkey approach – from concept to manufacture. The full range of services including:
Refine Engineering has at its disposal a select group of service providers allowing it to provide clients with access to the full range of services including:
  • Product design
  • Engineering and development
  • Analysis and testing
  • Manufacturing technologies
Clients choosing Refine Engineering as their project manager benefit from reduced costs, less chance of miscommunication, faster time to completion and improved product quality.
Refine Engineering combine innovative design with high quality precision engineering, analysis and testing, tooling and manufacturing expertise.
This unique and proven combination provides clients with a total service solution.


Refine Engineering excels at both long and short term research & design projects. From total package solutions to select parts or prototypes, we work extremely well with Engineers and Designers on a one-to-one or team basis. We understand not only the mechanical and manufacturing

end of your project, but also the budgetary and time parameters, making Refine Engineering the perfect partner in your research and development process.

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