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Metal and Steel Fabrication

You can call on Melfab Engineering for all of your metal and steel fabrication needs. We have been working in this industry for years now, and we are familiar with advanced techniques of working and shaping metal components. The majority of the work that we do is performed using advanced technological methods, such as CNC milling techniques. This ensures our customers are satisfied and that we are able to create accurate and precise tools. You can come by our milling machine centre to see us perform precise metal working. You can count on us for high quality work every time.

We Use CNC Machines

Melfab Engineering uses the latest in computer control methods and automated machining. This allows for very precise metal tool machining, and it allows us to be flexible and use a variety of tools and accessories. We utilise the most modern CNC technology and use machines with 20-tool capacity. Our machine tool working areas include 650, 410 and 410mm with our 4-axis VMC and a working area of 210 and 650mm with our 2-axis lathe that utilises eight tools.

We Offer CNC Milling Machine Work

Our experienced team uses CNC milling machines to cut metal parts to specific sizes and shapes. Melfab Engineering is proud to offer high quality CNC milling services to work on a variety of tools. The majority of the tools, metals and machine parts that we work with are made through CNC methods. This ensures a more effective and more accurate final product than what could be accomplished with manual machining. You can call us today to find out what kind of metal shaping and milling services we provide. We do metal tool machining with advanced computer systems.

The CNC Milling Experts

At Melfab, we use CNC milling to make create precision tools like lathes, multi-axes spindles, electrical discharge machinery and more. The processes we use are overseen by industry experts and people with the experience to interpret complicated technical diagrams. This ensures that metal products can be cut into precise shapes and used effectively. Our team is able to work with metal of any size or shape.

3D CAD/CAM Design Explained

CAM is computer-aided manufacturing, and CAD is computer-aided design. These are both software types used to manufacture and design products. Melfab utilises 3D CAD/CAM technologies to create very detailed, very accurate tool machining. This allows us to have less scrap to deal with and more flexibility in how we work, especially when compared to manual machining methods. We use modern software to create the most effective and precise results. The process of 3D CAD/CAM design that we use enables us to show our customers what the final product looks like. It also helps us to make changes before the manufacturing process takes place. Melfab can do 3D prototyping for all metal components, and we can ensure the products will look exactly like you specify before the machining process begins. We can machine and prototype finished parts for our customers.

Engineered Customised Machine Parts

Melfab can create customised parts for any kind of machine. Even if the part isn’t available on the market anymore, we can still fabricate it for you. We have a team of experts who can work with any kind of metal or machine part and create what you need effectively, giving you the project on time and within your budget. We make customised parts and machine parts that are difficult to find.

Replace Important Machine Parts

Melfab is a leader in the machining industry, and we have been supplying our customers with quality parts and services for years now. Our team is highly experienced and works very hard to deliver every part and product on time. We work with the media industry to make specialised film and camera parts. We have also worked with medical equipment suppliers and automobile manufacturers to make specialised parts that could not be sourced any other way.

Contact us today to see how quickly we can make the part you need for your machines. We are providing high quality parts to many industries.

A Look at Precision CNC Machining

A computer numerical control (SNC) system is utilised by manufacturing plants to create automated processes. These drive machine tools to carry out complex processes without the need for human intervention or control. The machine tools use CNC machining to carry out various functions that have been programmed into them. This is actually a more precise method of machining than manual operation. The same process can be repeated endlessly with the same results.

Call us at 03 9312 3356 to have machine parts precision fabricated. We used advanced tools to fabricate metal parts. We can create complex three-dimensional shapes using CNC machining, and our experienced team can make shapes that would be too complex for conventional, manual machining. We typically use machines that have a 20-tool capacity and a 4 axis VMC.


Located in Sunshine Victoria, Melfab Engineering has a broad range of resources including both conventional and CNC machining, metal fabrication and sheet metal work. We have experience in the manufacture of special plant, equipment and accessories in the Chemical, Cable, Mining and Steel manufacturing industries.

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CNC machining, metal fabrication and sheet metal requirements.

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