Melfab Engineering



We have experience in the manufacture of special plant and equipment in the Chemical, Cable and Steel industries. Our capacity is as follows:

The process of machining is used to remove undesirable material from a larger piece of material in order to produce a desired shape. Subtractive manufacturing, as the name implies, is the process of removing material from one piece in order to create another. Milling, turning, and machining are all manufacturing processes that employ cutting devices to shape a piece of material into an intended design. It is sometimes more precisely defined as the process of removing material from a workpiece using power-driven machine tools to form it into a designed pattern. During the manufacturing process, metal components and parts must be machined in some form. Machining is also used to make other materials, including plastics, rubbers, and paper products.

CNC Machining

Computer Numeric Control (CNC) is a machine tool technology that combines two-dimensional computer numerals with three-dimensional design data to produce cutting tools for the manufacture of complex shapes and sizes. It’s a subtractive manufacturing method that involves cutting the workpiece into the required form to remove excess materials. It requires a considerable amount of skills and accuracy to program the equipment in order to achieve fidelity, speed up cutting time, and ensure tolerance matching to design standards.

Conventional Machining​

Our fully equipped conventional machine shop is also available for small batch runs and prototypes. Our team of highly qualified experts is skilled in developing high-quality components and resolving issues. With streamlined efficiency, you may use a variety of traditional machining equipment to create your items. Our conventional machining center is a cost-effective alternative if your components don’t require the micrometer tolerances of our advanced CNC machining technology.